Overview of your harvest

Case Spargel- und Beerenhof Grötzinger

Grötzinger is a grower of strawberries and asparagus, located in the German town of Brackenheim-Dürrenzirm in Baden-Württemberg, near Stuttgart. Below, Maximilian Grötzinger, co-owner of the company, talks about his experiences with GrowPro.

‘The system is accessible with any browser and any device, even on your phone. This provides a lot of flexibility’

Maximilian Grötzinger speaking

“GrowPro offers a very clear and transparent software, that is very easy to use. By recording the harvest performance, we now have a very precise overview of the different harvest quantities. Whether it’s the number of kilograms of asparagus harvested or the number of crates of strawberries picked.”

‘It’s great that you can easily see all the data on your smartphone, so you can easily keep track of everything in between different activities.’

“Nonetheless, GrowPro still offers you many more possibilities as a grower: we use the system to draw up employment contracts, manage personnel data and make advance payments. This makes the work in the office much easier. It saves us several hours of work per week. It is also great that all the data can be easily seen on your smartphone, which makes it easy to update the data in between different activities. The system is accessible with any browser and practically any device. This provides a lot of flexibility, and therefore it is not necessary to waste time installing the software on each device. The user interface is very clear and user-friendly. This applies to both the app for smartphones and the browser version.”

‘The user-friendly interface makes it easy to have an overview of your harvest.’

A complete picture

“Seasonal employees can label each crate or kilo separately and then register it with the mobile scanner. This makes it much easier to see which employee picked what. This makes it easier to carry out a quality check. Because the data are available in the app in real time, you quickly have an overview of the daily harvest quantities, per hour and per employee. This data is very useful in marketing the different products.

It is also easy to record the harvest and outputs per individual field or variety. Based on this, we can again make decisions for the next season, for example which variety of strawberries or asparagus we choose.”

Maximilian Grötzinger

It’s ideal that you can easily see all the data on your smartphone, so you can keep track of everything.