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Alta Agro is a relatively young customer of ours, with whom we have been cooperating for about a year now. Alta Agro is a blueberry farm in Lithuania with, – in the picking season, – more than a hundred employees. The organization is co-run by Pim Streng, his family is a major shareholder. Below, Pim talks about his experience with GrowPro.

‘The system is reliable. We now have specialized insight into the amount picked per employee, per location.’

Pim Streng about working with GrowPro

“We have been using GrowPro since the 2020 picking season, on the advice of a colleague in the industry. Before we started using GrowPro, we used a system of our own. This was not reliable, sometimes at the end of the day a large part of the data was lost. When you pay by the kilo, this is not a desirable situation. Now that we’ve switched to GrowPro, we can see how things can be done better. The system is reliable. We now have specialized insight into the quantity picked per employee, per location. You can see how many kilos of blueberries are picked per field (and hopefully per row in the future) and who picked what and where. We have noticed that employees are paying more attention to quality. Because we can watch in real time, it is easier to see deviations, for example if an employee has not weighed anything for a few hours. The administrative burden has also been reduced through the use of GrowPro.”

‘Knowledge is power, GrowPro offers you the opportunity to gain more knowledge about your harvest, state of the farm and employees.’

Measuring = knowing

“We are using the new data we have at our disposal to further motivate our employees. For example, we have chosen to pay out per kilo. We reward the best pickers and challenge other employees to reach this level.

During the day we share the live results with our employees, so they have insight into how they are doing, also in relation to their colleagues. This gives them more peace of mind because they can trust that everything is being tracked correctly.”

‘Because you know you can blindly trust the system, GrowPro saves you a lot of time and reduces the workload’

“GrowPro’s system has several features. I sometimes hear from other companies that they don’t use all of GrowPro’s features. I don’t really understand why, because the system is very user-friendly. After a presentation at Soft-Solutions I was able to install and set up the program myself with ease.

We can also make a reasonable estimate of the expected harvest per field (and species) by looking at the GrowPro data. This makes it easier for us to estimate how much staff we will need and whether we will need to organise extra (or less) transport.

In short: data = king! GrowPro gives you the opportunity to learn more about your harvest, the state of your farm and your employees. And based on that knowledge, we make decisions to optimize our processes.”

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