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  • Number 1 in harvest registration of soft fruits and asparagus.
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Ensure an optimal balance between quantity and quality

Blackberries, raspberries and other soft fruits are a fragile product. Therefore, it is very important to have a good balance between picking speed and picking care. An employee can pick as fast as he or she wants, but if most of the picked product is damaged, it is of no use.

Even if you don’t work with speed-based rewards, it is still important to have insight into how your employees perform. The product is weighed and, based on this, a record is kept of how much each employee picks in a given time. And when there are quality issues, a mobile printer can be used. A sticker is then placed on each crate so that it can be checked which crate came from which employee. This ensures that employees work more accurately. Together we always look for the right reward strategy. You want to find a balance between motivating employees to work as hard and as fast as possible, and paying them as little (extra) as possible.

Registrations of time

GrowPro’s collection process provides an extra level of control and prevents fraud. Everyone brings their harvested product and eventually there is enough to fill a pallet/truck. This then goes to the company. The scanner scans a certain number of crates and then checks whether the same number is picked up. In this way, you quickly get a picture of the time period in which something is not right and you can start looking very specifically at the registrations of that time.

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  • No. 1 in harvest registration of soft fruits and asparagus
  • Simple system for employees
  • Direct contact with a specialist
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