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  • Number 1 in harvest registration of soft fruits and asparagus.
  • Simple system for employees

GrowPro not only speeds up the registration process, but also your administration tasks. By almost completely automating your administration and registration processes, you can save valuable time – as much as an hour a day. With the digital personnel file, you will always have direct access to all of your employees’ important data. Read more about how GrowPro can help you save more time:

Automated registration

Harvest and hour registration is done live in GrowPro and processed immediately. This eliminates the need to enter data into Excel every day. We also set up GrowPro in such a way that it automates as much of your daily routine as possible. This will save you as much as an hour a day.

Digital personnel file

Searching through clappers for contracts or other documents is also a thing of the past with GrowPro. With GrowPro, you have all of your personnel matters organized in one system and you can access everything quickly at any time: housing, hours, breaks, night registration, personal data, documents, contracts, insurance and more.

Automated administration

Over the past 20 years, GrowPro has continued to expand into a complete administration system at the request of growers. With GrowPro you can digitize and largely automate your administration and all personnel matters. This saves a lot of time when it comes to researching and entering information. We have templates for contracts and other agreements, so that we can quickly respond to changing circumstances. In this way we relieve you with personnel matters.

Data export for salary processor

With one push of a button you generate a data export for your salary processor. This will save you and also your accountant time. With GrowPro, you always have all of your hours, bank details, salary slips and contracts at hand. Keeping a professional (payroll) administration has never been easier.

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  • No. 1 in harvest registration of soft fruits and asparagus
  • Simple system for employees
  • Direct contact with a specialist
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