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Registration based on packaging

Strawberries are often placed directly into store packages during picking. This way, you can immediately see whether there are too many or too few strawberries in a container. Therefore, it is often not necessary to weigh each tray individually. This prevents queues during registration and makes the picking process more streamlined.

GrowPro can support both outdoor and greenhouse strawberry growers. Our open field registration system can also be used for greenhouse strawberries because the process is close to open field cultivation. The most important activity in strawberry cultivation is harvesting. Registration is important, but compared to traditional glasshouse farming like peppers and cucumbers, for most growers it is less important which row the strawberries come from.

Insights through registration

Due to the large volumes of picked strawberries, registration speed is of great importance. Therefore, strawberries are often registered not by weight, but by number of packages. In addition to registering the number of packages, a barcode receipt can also be added for traceability. This allows you to know not only how many packages the employee has filled, but also which boxes these are. If a bad crate of strawberries is picked, it is possible to find out exactly who this crate belonged to.

At the end of the day, a daily overview is published. This means that at the end of their working day, employees can see in what time they picked how many kilos/packages. They immediately check whether this is conclusive and this gives peace of mind around registration.

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  • No. 1 in harvest registration of soft fruits and asparagus
  • Simple system for employees
  • Direct contact with a specialist
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