Support to work harder

Support to work harder

Why is the arch not always tense with experienced strawberry pickers? The company Lemmen Aardbeien also struggled with this question. How can I stimulate my employees extra, owner Liesbeth Beijes wondered. GrowPro brought the solution. 'The system provided the right incentive to perform better than ever.'

Walk your own way

More than 15 years ago - at the start of their business - Liesbeth Beijes and her husband Peter Lemmen didn’t know anything about strawberries. The previous owner offered to teach the couple the tricks of the trade. "3 months later we decided to walk our own way", Liesbeth Beijes reminisces about the starting time. "Since then, we have been working hard. Both in greenhouses and in the field we grow our strawberries on racks."

Harvest performance

For picking strawberries, Liesbeth has a permanent team of 14 adult employees and a pool of students and pupils. "I know from experience that employees have a lot to offer", she continues her story. "Only the picking performance didn’t show this. It was difficult to figure out how to improve it. We have tried all sorts of means to get labor productivity at the desired level."

More performance in less time

Since April 2015, Lemmen Aardbeien has been working with GrowPro to register harvest and labour. From the first day, Liesbeth is delighted with the system. 'It is as if the staff members are awake from a kind of sleep mode." she says with a laugh. "GrowPro is the support that they needed. They now perform more in less time. In fact, they are now picking up an hourly wage that is higher than the minimum wage."

Figures don’t lie

The performance can now be seen on paper. Figures do not lie. Liesbeth encourages her team to perform the best they can. "Each team member receives a whatsapp weekly with the minimum, maximum and own score", she explains. "This way employees can see at a glance how they have performed. Each staff member has her qualities and marginal notes. The fastest one does not necessarily have to be the best. Speed can also lead to carelessness. We are also very alert to that."

Count in

Liesbeth resently started to calculate the payements for students with GrowPro. "These young employees were accustomed to getting paid per hour. Why would they start working faster? It is nice to see how GrowPro has stimulated them extra. They count when picking. They know exactly how much money they have earned at the end of the morning or afternoon."

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