Figures say more than guesswork

Brothers Erik and Ron aan den Boom grew up growing and harvesting asparagus. Since 2009 they have been the second generation of the family business. Earlier this year, the owners of Aan den Boom Agro chose the GrowPro harvest and labor registration system.

Asparagus is the main crop

Besides asparagus, other crops also grow on the Aan de Boom Agro plots. Asparagus is the main crop, but the brothers also grow rhubarb pollen, dahlia tubers, peonies, and branches of cut shrubs. I had heard good stories about GrowPro from fellow growers in the region,” says Erik. I also knew owner Maurice Vullers personally. That’s how the ball got rolling. We’re now working with the system for the first season. Our experiences have been positive so far.

Our remuneration will be fair

According to Erik, the need to know exactly what is happening in the field was growing. The remuneration was based on hours worked,’ continues the cheerful agro-entrepreneur. ‘Ron and I wondered how fair the remuneration was. Until now, we calculated the quantity of asparagus cut on the basis of the number of kilos per box. With around 20 employees and 10 acres of plots, it’s necessary to calculate output and performance per employee more accurately.’

‘I had heard good stories about GrowPro from fellow growers in the region.’

Earlier this year, Aan den Boom Agro chose GrowPro as their harvest and labor registration system. This included the crop protection module. The first impressions have been very positive,’ Erik says. Of course, we spent a lot of time preparing the system in the office. Now we can see the results in the field. In the evening we put up a list of the day’s achievements. Some employees feel the pressure of performing this way. Soon Ron and I will study the numbers. At this point we don’t know which pay system we prefer: per kilo or per hour. One thing I know for sure is that the figures will ensure that the remuneration will soon be fair.’

‘Every evening we hang up a list of the day’s performance. Now we can see the results in the field.’

Switching to a new harvest and labour registration system is always accompanied by minor teething problems. The introduction of GrowPro at Aan den Boom Agro was no exception. Some of the functionalities could be improved,’ Erik recalls. It’s amazing the way Maurice and his colleagues have picked up on these issues, made adjustments and provided feedback. Compliments for Soft-Solutions.

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